December 8, 2020,
Zoom Meeting Online

The December program of the YCS will be marked once again by the return of Dr. Susan MacManus, University Professor emeritus, at the University of South Florida. This fourth visit to a YCS will provide a detailed and insightful commentary of the state of party and electoral politics in the state of Florida following the November election. With notable graphics to support her remarks Dr. MacManus will analyze the presidential and congressional elections to see if the “blue wave” of 2018 still has an impact in the “Sunshine State.”

Familiar topics to be considered will include

· Florida’s continued role as a bell weather state in national politics

· The performance of polling vs. 2016 polling results

· The changing profile of the Florida electorate

· Overall performance by the two major parties and the influence of independent voters on outcomes, and

· Influence of social media on electoral outcomes

As in times past, those attending the presentation will have opportunity to pose questions to Professor MacManus as well as thanks for continuing what has become a post-election tradition for the YCS.