All Faiths Food Bank – Yale Day of Service Virtual Fundraiser

April 14, 2020

Dear Club members,

I hope that you are faring well in these uncertain times where life is not as we once knew it anymore. We look forward to better times, good health and the ability to gather together again.

I am writing to you regarding the Yale Day of Service. Our Club had decided to support the All Faiths Food Bank this year by participating in the Backpack Project and in sorting and packing food for those in need. Under the current circumstances these endeavors are not possible.

I spoke with the volunteer Director, Victoria Hasselbring, at the All Faiths Food Bank recently and she explained that the food bank is not able to operate as it normally does where much of the food is donated, instead they must now purchase food for donation to the needy. They continue to provide food at their offices on a drive-thru basis. She noted that the need is very great. She expressed her appreciation to our Club for their willingness to volunteer at the Center and said she would welcome groups in the future as often as we would like to come once they open again.

When I asked if there was anything we could do to help, she said that donations would be most appreciated because buying the food is very expensive. Rick and I discussed the option to do a fundraiser as a way to support children and families in our area during this most difficult time. Normally the Yale Club of the Suncoast would not solicit money for any organization not connected to Yale, but in light of the extraordinary circumstances, and in lieu of donating our labor as part of a Yale Day of Service this spring, please consider making a donation to this voluntary virtual fundraiser. Your support of this program is most appreciated.

Donations can be made on this link:


We wish you all good health and look forward to seeing you again at our Welcome Back Party in October.


With best wishes,

Elaine Gustafson

Coordinator, Yale Day of Service

Rick Lannamann

President, Yale Club of the Suncoast